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I am Mary Louise Hagler, an event Floral Designer and Master Gardener. I host workshops and blog about living, planting and cooking with a purpose

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Latest from the blog


TGIF Week in Review.

These last two weeks have been busy. Here is the week in review. We celebrated Sam's 18th birthday at a local restaurant. Happy birthday dude. Can't get over the beard... A dusting of snow in Augusta brought excitement and a few snowballs. I posted some garden snow day pics in an earlier post so check that out.  The kitchen project is moving. We are waiting on the cabinet guys to install the rough wood island which will be under the golden orb hanging in the panoramic photo above.  There will be another golden orb beside that one to dangle over the island. We are expecting the … [Read More...]


Southern Winter Garden Snow Day

A glimpse of  a Southern winter garden snow day. We had a light dusting of snow while those above us up North experienced the sky falling with snow. Yes, this is one of our pumpkins from October! I leave all pumpkins in the garden to decompose then anticipate lots of surprises appear in August.    The Lenten rose makes a delightful cut flower- alone or with roses, hydrangeas - this is a beauty.  There are many varieties of Lenten rose and now is time to plant if you can find transplants to purchase or a friend to share her babies with you! Another stunner in the winter … [Read More...]


Kitchen Renovation Update

I was getting a little antsy over the weekend worrying whether or not our cabinets and islands (yes, dos Islas) would ever be finished. They are in the works! This kitchen renovation may finally come to an end! The only thing that would make me feel better was to go see for myself. I suppose it should have been some big surprise, but this gal couldn't wait! The second island or "buffet" is in photo above. This will be a dressy, high gloss deep teal piece closest to the dining table. There will be mirrors on the door fronts of this piece.  A sample of the teal below, but without the high … [Read More...]