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I am Mary Louise Hagler, an event Foral Designer and Master Gardener. I host workshops and blog about living, planting and cooking with a purpose

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ML Top 5 Flower Faves.

My TOP 5 Flower Faves. When someone asks me what flowers would be best for the garden, and limit me to 5 of my favorites--it's not easy to nail just five down!  I think about weddings when I think about flowers and gardens. What flowers, shrubs and trees are going to give me the most bang for my buck? The most snip time? Here are 5 plants that flower that I adore. I depend on them a LOT as individual flowers, as filler and for visual appeal. I could add many, many more to the list and as soon as my swanky new website is complete perhaps we will do an early spring run through of this years … [Read More...]

Tomatoes, Beans, chard lettuce in garden


"Out of clutter, find simplicity. "                                -Albert Einstein I am taking advantage of all this New Year energy to work on clutter. I've already started with my closet thanks to Allison Lumbatis over at Get Your Pretty On (GYPO). She is a style diva with lots of ideas for putting clothing and accessories together using much of what is already in the closet. Our gardens can suffer from the clutter bug, too. As the yard starts to nap here in Augusta, Georgia, the garden becomes disrobed, stark. This is good because it allows us to examine the basic structure of the … [Read More...]

500 Words a Day. the edit continues upstairs.

  The Edit Continues Upstairs. I was feeling a little better this morning so I decided to start working upstairs on clearing out books. It is like a small library up here. I have a hard time getting rid of the books we read to Marianna and Sam over the years. Now they are 18 and 17 and I still have a sizable collection of Junie B. Jones, The Meaning of Poop, and the entire series of Amelia Bedilia. My thoughts over the years have been to keep them for our grandchildren, which, hopefully, will be a while! The thing is we are about to place our house on the market in order to build … [Read More...]