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I am Mary Louise Hagler, an event Floral Designer and Master Gardener. I host workshops and blog about living, planting and cooking with a purpose

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Latest from the blog


Porch Living, Soup, and Still Smiling.

SOUP'S ON! Sunshine is delicious, rain is refreshing, wind braces up, snow is exhilarating; there is no such thing as bad weather just different kinds of good weather. -  John Ruskin Sitting on the porch wearing my favorite old London Fog and slurping up a paper bowl of hot beef vegetable soup as the rain slaps against the screen. It is cold out here but the hot soup I made in the crockpot earlier in the week hits the spot! I warmed the crock pot dish on the gas grill burner. (We have no kitchen right now in case you were wondering.) When the guys come home I will make grilled … [Read More...]


Kitchen Renovation. 5 Survival Saves.

This is not our first rodeo when it comes to a kitchen renovation.  It is, however, the most extensive renovation.  When the electrician showed up yesterday and said "this is not bad"-- I let out a deep sigh of relief.  I thought those of you considering a renovation, particularly a kitchen reno, would appreciate knowing  someone else's  survival saves during the process. I've been reading other kitchen renovation blogs and found it helpful on many levels from making do without a kitchen to design ideas, and decorating. Here are 5 Survival Saves we are thankful for:  Keurig Coffee … [Read More...]


Wreath Workshop 2015

I am tickled to announce our 8th year (or 9th?) of Wreath Workshop!! Here is the link WREATH WORKSHOP 2015 and I am posting some pics from previous workshops to give you an idea of what we do and how fabulous these wreaths really are. They are full, fresh and very fluffy. Not flat. xo ML   … [Read More...]