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Welcome to my blog and I hope you will visit often. I love chatting about flowers, gardening, food, and fitness.

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Latest from the blog


Paleo Breakfast Salad

I've been researching Paleo recipes to increase good fats and protein. I still have carbs in my diet, but cycling those now to bring down my body fat. Anyway-- you know I like to prepare a tasty presentation so I decided to try this Paleo breakfast salad.  Here is the recipe from Paleo Leap, and below that are my adaptations and a comment if you have people who prefer to eat boring at your house...There is a bit of training to be done at my house with this #emptynest thing about to happen. Meals will be lighter but nutrient dense!! Head over to Paleo Leap for some tasty … [Read More...]


Grow Gather Style Oakleaf Hydrangea

"The Amen of Nature is always a flower." Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. Oakleaf hydrangea (Hydrangea quercifolia) is showing off like crazy in The Garden City. GROW You have seen the Oakleaf hydrangea in bloom with her ivory panicles stretching out toward the sun. This lovely prefers more neglect than pampering so she is not a primadonna. She likes to stay on the dry side so planting her in a sandier area or a spot with well drained soil is best. She tolerates shade, too, so nice to have her brighten up a green only spot in the landscape. If you are planning to incorporate the Oakleaf … [Read More...]


Hydrangeas and Luscious Boutonnieres

Hydrangeas are exploding right now in Augusta! These were purchased from a wholesaler, but there are lots of options to create this "go big, go home" look! The squirrels have not eaten all my crabapples, so we added a few branches and some fruit. These flowers were showcased at a swanky party last this week. Hydrangeas and Queen Anne's lace are naturals in the garden together and in a beautiful tall mercury/gold vase. Let the Queen Anne's lace fall just as it would on the roadside! Another tall vase-square-- with manzanita branch holding several hanging votives. Queen Anne's lace, … [Read More...]