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I am Mary Louise Hagler, an event Floral Designer and Master Gardener. I host workshops and blog about living, planting and cooking with a purpose

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Latest from the blog

Pixie Stick!

Workshop Sneak Peek

Hey. Here is a workshop sneak peek as I wait for flowers settle into floral conditioner. All of the flowers and foliage shown in the video were purchased at a local wholesale floral distributor which means they sell flowers that have traveled either from somewhere in the USA or somewhere else in the world.   I would like to show you how to get the same look as these without having to pay a big ticket AND without having to travel much further than your own yard!! Stay cool. ML … [Read More...]

photo 1

Kitchen Reno takes to the Water!

Contemporary Kitchen by Boston Photographers Mary Prince Photography This is the ¬†first inspiration pic that I have been drawn to for our kitchen renovation. I was so excited to see the backsplash with a bit of sparkle- Marianna described it as "mermaid's tail". I love the hint of glam for my new kitchen. Iridescence. The backsplash here is a neutral glass mosaic, and there are mirrors outside of the two cabinets. Obviously this is a bar section of the kitchen, but the light reflected from the glass and mirrors is just enough. Traditional Kitchen by Mill Valley Interior Designers … [Read More...]


Kitchen Clash! Stay or Go?

  You remember The Clash? Listen to the video above while you read this post! ¬†Love 'em. I was hell bent on leaving our home of nearly 18 years. We have about 4100 square feet and a fairly large 500 square foot screened in porch. After looking around for an empty lot to build on or another newer "more functional" home, and finally turning down a generous offer on our house, we decided to stay and renovate. The thought of packing up with no lot and not even a potential house was a little scary so I decided we should stay. The renovations will involve our main living areas which … [Read More...]